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09/08/20 If you fish at night, in the autumn, which lures should you use?

09/09/20 Proper clothing is essential, night fishing in the fall!

09/10/20 Porter Wagoner shares a nighttime fishing trip!

09/11/20 Porter Wagoner continues sharing nighttime fishing memories!

09/14/20 Where do you go, if you have a fishing problem?

09/15/20 Having trouble choosing the right lure?

09/16/20 The lure you use to locate fish, may not catch them!

09/17/20 Fish can be caught after a cold front, if you think!

09/18/20 More cold front fishing techniques!

09/21/20 How do you know when Fall fishing has arrived?

09/22/20 How shallow will bass get, in the Fall?

09/23/20 Which topwater lures work best in the Fall?

09/24/20 There are other topwater lures to use in the Fall!

09/25/20 How do you use a Front Runner, to catch schooling fish?

09/28/20 A pro tip for catching more bass in the Fall!

09/29/20 Finally, the best place to find bass in the Fall?

09/30/20 Striped bass expert, Stu Tinney, visits!

10/01/20 How can you improve your catch of striped bass?

10/02/20 A tip to improve your catch of striped bass!

10/05/20 Jason Quinn tells us how to catch bass in the Fall!

10/06/20 Jason Quinn tells us which baits to use, to catch bass in the Fall!

10/07/20 Can you make cold fronts work in your favor?

10/08/20 Baseball Hall of Famer, Wade Boggs, visits!

10/09/20 Wade Boggs tells us where to look for bass, in the Fall!

10/12/20 Sammy talks about his favorite time of year to fish!

10/13/20 What’s the fastest, legal, way to catch bass?

10/14/20 How many different structure spoons are there?

10/15/20 What’s the best rod and reel for structure spoons?

10/16/20 Where should you fish structure spoons, to catch more bass?

10/19/20 Crappie expert, Steve McAdams, tells us where to catch them in the Fall!

10/20/20 Which lures should we use, to catch crappie?

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