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05/26/20 What are some of the best structure locations?

05/27/20 Do you know how to fish grassbeds properly?

05/28/20 Which lures work best, fishing grassbeds?

05/29/20 What irregular features should you look for, fishing grassbeds?

06/01/20 The “King of Crankbaits” visits!

06/02/20 How did David Fritts win over $2 million, fishing crankbaits?

06/03/20 Can David Fritts tell when a bass swims by his crankbait?

06/04/20 How about a school of bass? Can David tell?

06/05/20 Can you catch bass, year round on crankbaits?

06/08/20 David Fritts says he can catch bass on crankbaits almost anytime!

06/09/20 How important is your rod, when fishing crankbaits?

06/10/20 Choosing the proper line is key in crankbait fishing!

06/11/20 How important is your reel, fishing crankbaits?

06/12/20 How does David Fritts use crankbaits to catch more fish?

06/15/20 Former BASS Angler of the Year, Aaron Martens, visits!

06/16/20 How did Aaron learn the Drop Shot technique?

06/17/20 Is there a proper rod and reel for the Drop Shot?

06/18/20 Which hooks should we use for the Drop Shot rig?

06/19/20 There IS a proper knot, for the Drop Shot rig!

06/22/20 Aaron Martens continues telling us about the Drop Shot method of fishing!

06/23/20 What type of weight, for the Drop Shot method of fishing?

06/24/20 Is there a correct worm, for the Drop Shot method of fishing?

06/25/20 There’s a special way to rig the worm, for the Drop Shot!

06/26/20 Aaron Marten tell us the proper way to fish the Drop Shot!

06/29/20 Noted ophthalmologist, Dr. Phillips, discusses eye care!

06/30/20 Do you know the degree to which the sun can hurt your eyes?

07/01/20 Are there any precautions to take, to protect your eyes?

07/02/20 What’s coming up, in the next few weeks?

07/03/20 A special July 4th program!

07/06/20 Do you know how to protect your skin, while fishing?

07/07/20 How can you tell if you have a skin cancer?

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