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03/25/21 Did you know there’s a formula for choosing the right spinnerbait?

03/26/21 Are there special spinnerbait blades for muddy water?

03/29/21 Do you find choosing a spinnerbait confusing?

03/30/21 Which color spinnerbait does Hank Parker like to use?

03/31/21 Where and when should you fish spinnerbaits?

04/01/21 Do you know how to fish shallow water?

04/02/21 What should you know, to fish shallow water?

04/05/21 Hank Parker shares fishing memories with Bobby Murray!

04/06/21 Hank shares his first fishing trip with Bobby Murray!

04/07/21 More fishing memories of Hank’s, with Bobby Murray!

04/08/21 Bobby Murray shares a fishing lesson he learned the hard way!

04/09/21 Bobby Murray continues his fishing lessons!

04/12/21 Frogg Toggs rainwear!

04/13/21 How did Frogg Toggs rainwear come about?

04/14/21 What’s the best characteristic of a Frogg Toggs rainsuit?

04/15/21 Can a world class rainsuit sell for less than $300?

04/16/21 Will Fowler concludes his visit!

04/19/21 Peter Thliveros joins Sammy to discuss the Carolina Rig!

04/20/21 Do you know the different styles of Carolina Rigs?

04/21/21 Is there a special rod for the Carolina Rig?

04/22/21 Is there a special reel for the Carolina Rig?

04/23/21 Is there a special sized weight, for the Carolina Rig?

04/26/21 What type of weight is best, for the Carolina Rig?

04/27/21 Are swivels important, for the Carolina Rig?

04/28/21 What type of beads, for the Carolina Rig?

04/29/21 What is the best type of lure, for the Carolina Rig?

04/30/21 What is the best lure color, for the Carolina Rig?

05/03/21 Bug Band® founder, Dan Ritter, joins Sammy!

05/04/21 How harmful is DEET?

05/05/21 What is all natural, DEET-free insect repellant?

05/06/21 Besides wristbands, what else does BugBand® make?

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