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02/14/17 Hank Parker has a special Valentine’s Day program!

02/15/17 One of Sammy’s favorite lures, this time of year?

02/16/17 Boat docks and piers!

02/17/17 How should you fish boat docks and piers, to improve your catch?

02/20/17 What is a Power Pole and do you need one?

02/21/17 Why do most anglers call Power-Poles, Power-Aids?

02/22/17 How many styles and lengths of Power-Poles are there?

02/23/17 Why do the Pros have two Power-Poles?

02/24/17 Are Power-Poles difficult to operate?

02/27/17 Anything you should do, for the first fishing trip of the year?

02/28/17 Tips to get your boat ready for the spring!

03/01/17 Memories of 33 years of Tight Lines®!

03/02/17 Do you know how to fish shallow water, for the most bass?

03/03/17 Shallow water can be fished year-round, if you know what you’re doing!

03/06/17 TV fishing host, Bill Dance, visits this week!

03/07/17 Bill Dance tells us about fishing with legendary baseball player, Dizzy Dean!

03/08/17 Bill Dance tells Sammy where to start looking for spring time bass, this time of year!

03/09/17 Does water temperature play a role, this time of year?

03/10/17 What’s the key to finding active fish in the spring?

03/13/17 One of Sammy’s favorite springtime lures is a jerkbait!

03/14/17 Zell Rowland explains how jerkbaits work, this time of year!

03/15/17 How effective can a jerkbait be?

03/16/17 What’s the best color of jerkbait, for the spring?

03/17/17 How can jerkbaits increase the size of the bass you catch?

03/20/17 Have you ever been scared fishing?

03/21/17 How did Sammy escape the Okeechobee swamp?

03/22/17 Do you know how to tow your boat properly?

03/23/17 More proper towing techniques!

03/24/17 It’s fast, simple and you’re going to love it!

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