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09/11/17 A series on Fall night fishing!

09/12/17 Which lures are best for fall, nightime fishing?

09/13/17 Is there proper clothing, for fall nightime fishing?

09/14/17 The late Porter Wagoner shares tales of fishing in the moonlight!

09/15/17 Porter Wagoner shares more night fishing experiences!

09/18/17 Where do you go, when you have a fishing problem?

09/19/17 Having trouble choosing the right lure?

09/20/17 The lure you locate fish with may not be the one to catch them!

09/21/17 Fish can be caught after a cold front, if you just think!

09/22/17 Rick Clunn tells us more about how to fish after cold fronts!

09/25/17 What is BaitMate?

09/26/17 BaitMate has been around for 30 years so, it must work!

09/27/17 BaitMate fish attractant is available in different applicators!

09/28/17 How often should you reapply BaitMate?

09/29/17 How can you make cold fronts work in your favor?

10/02/17 Sammy’s favorite time of year to fish?

10/03/17 What’s the fastest, legal way to catch fish?

10/04/17 Did you know there are plenty of structure spoons on the market?

10/05/17 What’s the optimum equipment to use, when fishing structure spoons?

10/06/17 Where are the best locations, to catch the most fish, using a structure spoon?

10/09/17 How do you find crappie, in the Fall?

10/10/17 Which lures and colors catch crappie in the Fall?

10/11/17 Don Iovino talks about the “split shot” method of bass fishing!

10/12/17 How should you fish the “split shot”, on deep, clear lakes?

10/13/17 How will the “split shot” increase your catch?

10/16/17 Fishing legend, Bill Dance, pays Sammy a visit!

10/17/17 How did Bill come to wear the “T” cap?

10/18/17 Would he ever swap for another hat?

10/19/17 Bill Dance has pulled some practical jokes!

10/20/17 Bill Dance tells us about a lizard that ruined dinner one night!

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