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07/12/19 Bill Dance has some skin care advice!

07/15/19 Sean Finley, of High Adventures, joins Sammy!

07/16/19 What separates High Adventures from other outdoor outfitters?

07/17/19 What’s the difference between High Adventures and the other guys?

07/18/19 Some of the best hunting and fishing locales are in the U.S.!

07/19/19 Sammy and friends boated over 100 fish!

07/22/19 Bill Huntley, of T-H Marine, talks about the first jackplate!

07/23/19 How has the jackplate evolved?

07/24/19 Do you need a jackplate on your boat?

07/25/19 Why is a jackplate important to performance?

07/26/19 What is Jeff Huntley, of T-H Marine, most proud?

07/29/19 Roger Barlow explains what The Catfish Institute is!

07/30/19 Why is The Catfish Institute’s work important?

07/31/19 Want a great catfish recipe?

08/01/19 What is a Log Book and why should you keep one?

08/02/19 Keeping a Log Book improves your fishing abilities!

08/05/19 John T. Edge tells us why we should eat more U.S. farm-raised catfish!

08/06/19  John T. Edge tells us about the most extraordinary restaurant to serve U.S. farm-raised catfish!

08/07/19 Celebrate National Catfish week, with these recipes!

08/08/19 Another great catfish recipe!

08/09/19 Sammy concludes National Catfish Month!

08/12/19 Larry Nixon begins a discussion on plastic worm fishing!

08/13/19 He’s won a million dollars fishing plastic worms!

08/14/19 How many different styles of plastic worms are there?

08/15/19 What’s the best style of plastic worm to use bass fishing?

08/16/19 How important is the hook, for worm fishing?

08/19/19 Is there a correct way to set the hook, worm fishing?

08/20/19 How many ways are there to fish a plastic worm?

08/21/19 Is the size and weight important, fishing a plastic worm?

08/22/19 Will your rod and reel determine if you catch bass on a plastic worm?

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