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05/05/21 What is all natural, DEET-free insect repellant?

05/06/21 Besides wristbands, what else does BugBand® make?

05/07/21 What’s a common problem for all outdoor sports?

05/10/21 Sammy shares memories with the late Merle Haggard

05/11/21 Merle Haggard shares his biggest smallmouth bass!

05/12/21 How often did Merle fish, when touring?

05/13/21 Merle Haggard share a fish story!

05/14/21 Sammy shares memories with the late, great, Merle Haggard!

05/17/21 Do you hate to fish in the wind?

05/18/21 Did you know wind is your friend?

05/19/21 4x Bassmaster Classic champ, Rick Clunn, visits!

05/20/21 Rick Clunn shares what you should know about crankbaits!

05/21/21 How important is your rod, to fish a crankbait properly?

05/24/21 Rick Clunn says your reel is as important as the lure!

05/25/21 Can the proper line help you catch more bass on crankbaits?

05/26/21 Which shape of crankbait is best?

05/27/21 Which styles of crankbaits does Rick Clunn prefer?

05/28/21 Rick Clunn concludes his visit!

05/31/21 A special Memorial Day program!

06/01/21 Do you know how to use buoy markers?

06/02/21 4 time Indy 500 winner, Rick Mears, joins Sammy!

06/03/21 Rick Mears has loved fishing his entire life!

06/04/21 Rick Mears shares his best fishing trip ever!

06/07/21 The King of crankbaits joins Sammy!

06/08/21 How did David Fritts learn to fish crankbaits?

06/09/21 Can David Fritts tell when a bass swims past his crankbait?

06/10/21 Can David tell if there’s a school around his crankbait?

06/11/21 Can you catch more bass using a crankbait?

06/14/21 David says he can catch bass any time, on a crankbait!

06/15/21 How important is your rod, fishing crankbaits?

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