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09/07/18 What’s Jeff Huntley most proud of, at TH Marine?

09/10/18 The A to Z of plastic worm fishing!

09/11/18 Larry Nixon continues teaching us plastic worm fishing!

09/12/18 There are different styles of plastic worms and different ways to use them!

09/13/18 What’s the best style worm for bass fishing?

09/14/18 How important is the hook you use, plastic worm fishing?

09/17/18 Is their a correct way to set the hook, when plastic worm fishing?

09/18/18 How many different ways can you work a plastic worm?

09/19/18 Is the size and weight important, fishing a plastic worm?

09/20/18 Can your rod and reel determine your success, when fishing a plastic worm?

09/21/18 Larry Nixon concludes his visit on plastic worm fishing!

09/24/18 What is BaitMate?

09/25/18 BaitMate has been around for more than 30 years, so it must work right?

09/26/18 BaitMate comes in a number of different applicators!

09/27/18 How often should you apply BaitMate to your lures?

09/28/18 Cold fronts. How can you work them to your advantage?

10/01/18 When is Sammy’s favorite time of year to fish?

10/02/18 The fastest way to catch fish, legally!

10/03/18 How many different kinds of structure spoons are available?

10/04/18 What’s the best rod and reel, to fish structure spoons?

10/05/18 Where’s the best place, to fish structure spoons, for the most fish?

10/08/18 How do we find crappie in the Fall?

10/09/18 Which lures are best for crappie, this time of year?

10/10/18 Don Iovino shares the “split shot” style of fishing!

10/11/18 How do you fish the “split shot” on deep, clear lakes?

10/12/18 How will the “split shot” increase your catch?

10/15/18 Fishing legend, Bill Dance visits!

10/16/18 How did Bill Dance come to wear the “T” cap?

10/17/18 Would Bill Dance ever change his “T” cap?

10/18/18 Some of the practical jokes Bill Dance has pulled over the years!

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