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02/21/20 Are Power Poles difficult to operate?

02/24/20 How should we prepare our outboards for spring?

02/25/20 More tips on preparing your outboard for spring!

02/26/20 Do you know how to fish shallow water?

02/27/20 Shallow water can be fished year-round, if you know how!

02/28/20 Today is Tight Lines’® 36th anniversary and Sammy reflects on past programs.

03/02/20 TV host, Bill Dance, visits this week!

03/03/20 Bill Dance tells us about fishing with Dizzy Dean!

03/04/20 Where do you look for springtime bass?

03/05/20 Does water temperature factor into how active fish are?

03/06/20 What’s the key to finding active fish in the spring?

03/09/20 What’s small, vibrates like crazy and catches lots of fish?

03/10/20 Steve McAdams tells us where to look for springtime fish!

03/11/20 What lures and methods catch the most crappy in spring?

03/12/20 You have a great location, temperature is perfect, where are the fish?

03/13/20 What’s the best lure color, for fishing crappie?

03/16/20 Guido Hibdon tells us how he started fishing light line!

03/17/20 Guido Hibdon’s spinning rod will help you catch more fish!

03/18/20 Do you need light line to catch fish in clear, shallow water?

03/19/20 Which lures are best for light line?

03/20/20 How do you work a tube lure, to catch big bass?

03/23/20 Hank Parker begins a discussion on spinnerbaits!

03/24/20 The A to Z of spinnerbait fishing!

03/25/20 Did you know there’s a method to choosing a spinnerbait?

03/26/20 How do you choose the right spinnerbait blades, for muddy water?

03/27/20 Do you find choosing spinnerbaits confusing?

03/30/20 TV fishing host, Hank Parker, tells us his favorite spinnerbait colors!

03/31/20 Hank tells us where and when to fish spinnerbaits!

04/01/20 There’s a new world record bass caught!

04/02/20 Do you know how to fish shallow water?

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