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01/07/20 We continue to learn how to fish twin-spins!

01/08/20 Basil Bacon concludes his discussion of twin-spins.

01/09/20 How do we catch bass is Florida, this time of year?

01/10/20 Catching bass in Central Florida, in winter!

01/13/20 Roger Barlow explains what The Catfish Institute is!

01/14/20 Why is what The Catfish Institute does important?

01/15/20 Want a great catfish recipe?

01/16/20 Why should you keep a Log Book?

01/17/20 How will a Log Book help improve your fishing ability?

01/20/20 What are some of Sammy’s favorite wintertime lures?

01/21/20 What is a Bitsy Bug and why should you fish it?

01/22/20 The Bitsy Bug may be small but, produces BIG results!

01/23/20 Is there special equipment for the Bitsy Big?

01/24/20 When is the best time to fish a Bitsy Bug?

01/27/20 A closely guarded Pro secret lure?

01/28/20 There are different styles and ways to fish long bill jerk baits!

01/29/20 Is there a special rod and reel to fish long bill jerk baits?

01/30/20 What’s the best way to fish long bill, suspending, jerk baits?

01/31/20 Why should you have FireAid in your home?

02/03/20 Joe Stampley visits Sammy, to talk fishing!

02/04/20 What’s a fishing trip with Moe and Joe like?

02/05/20 What’s the “tap rule” in worm fishing?

02/06/20 Sammy revisits a conversation with Merle Haggard!

02/07/20 Why does Sammy love fishing in Winter?

02/10/20 One of Sammy’s favorite lures, this time of year?

02/11/20 The most noticeable areas, that hold fish year round?

02/12/20 What’s the best way to fish boat docks and piers?

02/13/20 Guido Hibden tells us how his wife has helped his career.

02/14/20 Hank Parker has a special Valentine’s program!

02/17/20 What’s a Power Pole and why do you need one?

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