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09/04/19 Do you know how to cast your lure in the exact spot?

09/05/19 Lessons on proper reel casting!

09/06/19 Stan Fagerstrom has a story to help your fishing!

09/09/19 Sammy begins a series on Fall night fishing!

09/10/19 Which lures are best, for night fishing?

09/11/19 Proper clothing is important, for night fishing!

09/12/19 Late country music great, Porter Wagoner, shares night fishing memories!

09/13/19 Porter Wagoner continues sharing night fishing memories!

09/16/19 Where do you turn, if you have a fishing problem?

09/17/19 Having trouble choosing lure colors?

09/18/19 The lure that locates fish, may not be the one that catches them!

09/19/19 Fish can still be caught after a cold front, if you think!

09/20/19 More tips on fishing after cold fronts!

09/23/19 John Anderson joins Sammy, to talk about fishing!

09/24/19 John Anderson explains his love of fishing began with his father!

09/25/19 Why do so many entertainers like fishing Center Hill Lake?

09/26/19 How does John Anderson catch smallmouth bass, on Center Hill Lake?

09/27/19 John Anderson’s best fishing trip ever?

09/30/19 How can you catch more bass in Autumn?

10/01/19 Which lures work best, in the Fall?

10/02/19 It’s hard to catch fish after cold fronts!

10/03/19 Wade Boggs talks about owning a fish camp!

10/04/19 Wade Boggs tells us where to look for bass in central Florida!

10/07/19 Crappie, Steve McCadams, tells us what to look for in the Fall!

10/08/19 Which lures and colors work best for crappie?

10/09/19 Do you enjoy fishing for striped bass?

10/10/19 It’s difficult to determine which lure to use!

10/11/19 With cooler temperatures, here’s a tip to catching schooling fish!

10/14/19 Spinnerbait fishing in the winter!

10/15/19 Did you know there are different ways to fish spinnerbaits?

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