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02/07/18 How will the Spoonbill Rebel improve your catch?

02/08/18 Larry Nixon concludes his discussion of the Spoonbill Rebel!

02/11/18 Country music great, Joe Stampley, pays Sammy a visit!

02/12/18 What’s a fishing trip with Moe & Joe like?

02/13/18 What is the worm fishing “tap rule”?

02/14/18 Two time Classic winner, Hank Parker, shares a Valentine’s Day memory!

02/15/18 Sammy tells us about upcoming shows!

02/18/18 How do you prepare your boat’s batteries for the Spring?

02/19/18 Did you know there are two types of marine batteries?

02/20/18 What is an AMG battery?

02/21/18 Is there a proper charger for marine batteries?

02/22/18 It’s time to prepare for that first fishing trip of the year!

02/25/18 Want to catch more fish, this time of year?

02/26/18 Shallow water is a great place to catch fish!

02/27/18 TV fishing host, Bill Dance, tells us how to catch more fish!

02/28/18 They are the most noticeable objects on every lake you fish!

03/01/18 Why should you fish boat docks and piers?

03/04/18 A celebration of 30 years on the air!

03/05/18 Shallow water is a great location to catch more fish, this time of year!

03/06/18 The best Pros have been on the show!

03/07/18 Some of Sammy’s friends who are no longer with us.

03/08/18 Sammy’s wrap up show, after 30 years on the air!

03/11/18 Bill Dance helps us catch more fish!

03/12/18 TV legend, Bill Dance shares memories of the celebrities he’s fished with!

03/13/18 Where does Bill Dance look for fish, this time of year?

03/14/18 Where do you look for fish, this time of year?

03/15/18 Where do we find the most active fish, this time of year?

03/18/18 Sammy’s Okeechobee Nightmare!

03/19/18 How did Sammy escape the Okeechobee swamp?

03/20/18 Do you know how to properly tow your boat?

03/21/18 More towing technique tips!

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