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04/11/19 Wade Boggs tells us about some of the places and fish he’s caught!

04/12/19 Fishing and baseball are Wade’s favorite things!

04/15/19 Try being a professional fisherman on tax day!

04/16/19 What is The Catfish Institute?

04/17/19 Why should you only buy U.S. farm-raised catfish?

04/18/19 Looking for a great recipe for U.S. farm-raised catfish?

04/19/19 What’s coming up on Tight Lines?

04/22/19 Top water expert, Charlie Campbell, discusses the Zara Spook!

04/23/19 Why does the Zara Spook catch so many big fish?

04/24/19 Is there a correct rod and reel for the Zara Spook?

04/25/19 What’s the best method to catch big bass with the Zara Spook?

04/26/19 Charlie Campbell concludes his discussion of the Zara Spook!

04/29/19 Mike Liles, of U.F.P., tells us of the many boat trailer products they offer!

04/30/19 U.F.P. makes everything you need for your boat trailer!

05/01/19 Do you need brakes on your trailer?

05/02/19 Did you know there are different trailer suspension systems?

05/03/19 Have you ever done a trailer “walk around”?

05/06/19 Hank Parker stops by with Bobby Murray, to talk fishing!

05/07/19 Hank Parker tells us about his first fishing trip with Bobby Murray!

05/08/19 Hank Parker shares more fishing with Bobby Murray!

05/09/19 Bobby Murray learns a fishing lesson, the hard way!

05/10/19 Bobby Murray shares more fishing lessons!

05/13/19 Ken Sasaki, of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, visits!

05/14/19 How did Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits get started?

05/15/19 More of the history of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits!

05/16/19 What’s the secret formula in Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits?

05/17/19 How long would it take to get a specific Gary Yamamoto Custom bait?

05/20/19 Bream expert, Bobby Holmes, visits this week!

05/21/19 Are there different places to look for bream?

05/22/19 Do you have trouble locating bream, after the willow fly hatch?

05/23/19 Bob Holmes continues giving us ideas of where to find bream!

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