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06/13/19 What’s the right lure, for the Carolina Rig?

06/14/19 What’s the right lure color, for the Carolina Rig?

06/17/19 Former BASS Angler of the Year, Aaron Martens, visits!

06/18/19 How did Aaron Martens learn the Drop Shot technique?

06/19/19 Is there a correct rod and reel for the Drop Shot?

06/20/19 What hook should you use, for the Drop Shot method?

06/21/19 There is a correct knot, for the Drop Shot method!

06/24/19 Aaron Martens discusses the deep water Drop Shot technique!

06/25/19 How important is the weight, for the Drop Shot?

06/26/19 Is there a correct worm, for the Drop Shot rig?

06/27/19 There is a special way to rig the worm, for the Drop Shot technique!

06/28/19 Aaron Martens tells us how to fish the Drop Shot rig!

07/01/19 Ophthalmologist, Dr Bob Phillip, talks about eye care!

07/02/19 Do you know how badly the sun can hurt your eyes?

07/03/19 Is there anything you can do, to protect your eyes?

07/04/19 A special July 4th program!

07/05/19 What’s coming up, in the next few weeks?

07/08/19 Do you know how to protect your skin, while fishing?

07/09/19 What should you look for, if you suspect skin cancer?

07/10/19 What is SPF, in a sun screen?

07/11/19 What SPF factor should you use, this time of year?

07/12/19 Bill Dance has some skin care advice!

07/15/19 Sean Finley, of High Adventures, joins Sammy!

07/16/19 What separates High Adventures from other outdoor outfitters?

07/17/19 What’s the difference between High Adventures and the other guys?

07/18/19 Some of the best hunting and fishing locales are in the U.S.!

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