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05/11/18 What about the size and style of weight, for the Carolina rig!

05/14/18 More about the weight, for the Carolina rig!?

05/15/18 Are swivels important, for the Carolina rig?

05/16/18 So, what kind of beads should you use, for the Carolina rig?

05/17/18 What’s the best lure?

05/18/18 We have the proper gear, for the Carolina Rig. What’s the right color lure?

05/21/18 Pat Crock, Nautic-Sport portable battery designer, joins Sammy!

05/22/18 Why did Pat Crock get into portable battery charger business?

05/23/18 How long did it take to design and manufacture the Nautic-Sport line of portable battery chargers?

05/24/18 Can you make a line of waterproof portable battery chargers?

05/25/18 How many different models of portable battery chargers are there?

05/28/18 A special Memorial Day program!

05/29/18 Do you fish grass beds? We find out how to, this week!

05/30/18 How do you fish grass beds?

05/31/18 What’s the best lure, for grass beds?

06/01/18 Why will some areas, in a grass bed produce fish, while others won’t?

06/04/18 The Founder and Owner of BugBand® insect repellent visits!

06/05/18 How harmful is DEET?

06/06/18 What is a natural, DEET free product?

06/07/18 What other products are in the BugBand® lineup?

06/08/18 Ticks! A common problem for campers and hikers!

06/11/18 What’s the one thing anglers love about lithium ion marine batteries?

06/12/18 How much weight is reduced, using a lithium ion battery?

06/13/18 Are there additional advantages to lithium ion batteries?

06/14/18 Have you heard of the new mosquito patch insect repellent?

06/15/18 Which insects does the mosquito patch repel?

06/18/18 Bob Holmes tells us how to catch summertime bream!

06/19/18 Which lures help to catch the most summertime bream?

06/20/18 Where do the sunfish go, after the willow fly hatch?

06/21/18 Where should we look, for summertime bream?

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