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06/11/21 Can you catch more bass using a crankbait?

06/14/21 David says he can catch bass any time, on a crankbait!

06/15/21 How important is your rod, fishing crankbaits?

06/16/21 How important is your line, fishing crankbaits?

06/17/21 How important is the correct reel, fishing crankbaits?

06/18/21 How did David Fritts earn $3m fishing crankbaits?

06/21/21 Sammy begins a series on bream!

06/22/21 Which lures are best for bream?

06/23/21 Do you have trouble locating bream after the willow fly  hatch?

06/24/21 Bream expert, Bob Holmes, tells us where to look!

06/25/21 If your lake has no vegetation, where do you look for summertime bream?

06/28/21 Noted Ophthalmologist, Bob Phillips discusses eye care!

06/29/21 Do you know how the sun can hurt your eyes?

06/30/21 Are there precautions you should take, to protect your eyes?

07/01/21 What’s coming up in the next few weeks?

07/02/21 A special July 4th program!

07/05/21 How do you protect your skin, while fishing?

07/06/21 What do you look for, if you think you have a skin cancer?

07/07/21 What is “SPF”?

07/08/21 Which SPF should we use?

07/09/21 Bill Dance tells us how he protects his skin while fishing!

07/12/21 Sean Finley of High Adventures joins Sammy!

07/13/21 What separates High Adventure from other outfitters?

07/14/21 Are there other differences that separate High Adventure?

07/15/21 Did you know some of the world’s best hunting and fishing resorts are in the U.S.?

07/16/21 Sammy shares a trip to Cheyenne Ridge!

07/19/21 TH Marine founder, Bill Huntley, discusses jackplates!

07/20/21 What is the history of the jackplate?

07/21/21 Does your boat need a jackplate?

07/22/21 How does a jackplate improve your boat’s performance?

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