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11/02/18 Wade Boggs tells us where to fish, in Florida, this time of year!

11/05/18 One of Sammy’s favorite baits in the fall?

11/06/18 There are many different ways to fish a spinnerbait in the Fall!

11/07/18 Tips that will make you a better spinnerbait fisherman!

11/08/18 How do you preserve spinnerbait skirts?

11/09/18 Why does Sammy love to fish in the fall?

11/12/18 How should you prepare your outboard motor for winter?

11/13/18 Do you need to use a fuel conditioner, for winter storage?

11/14/18 More winter storage tips!

11/15/18 Want to catch more fish, this time of year?

11/16/18 Did you know a grub can help you catch more fish?

11/19/18 Hank Parker stops by to discuss spinnerbait!

11/20/18 How should you use spinnerbaits to catch more fish in dingy or muddy water?

11/21/18 Hank Parker tells us which color spinnerbait blade we should use!

11/22/18 A special Thanksgiving Day program!

11/23/18 What’s coming up, in the next few weeks, on Tight Lines®?

11/26/18 Country artist, John Anderson visits!

11/27/18 John Anderson’s father instilled his love of fishing!

11/28/18 Why do so many country music artists fish Center Hill Lake?

11/29/18 What’s the best way to catch bass on Center Hill Lake?

11/30/18 John Anderson concludes his visit!

12/03/18 Looking for christmas gifts for the fishermen on your list?

12/04/18 Here are some great ideas for gifts for your fishermen!

12/05/18 Pro & Heroes gifts!

12/06/18 Here’s a Christmas appetizer everyone will love!

12/07/18 Here’s another!

12/10/18 How to properly store boat batteries for the winter!

12/11/18 Do you have the proper charger, to maintain boat batteries this winter?

12/12/18 How should you prepare your outboard motor, for winter?

12/13/18 Should you use a fuel conditioner, for winter storage?

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