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04/23/20 Where has Wade Boggs fished over the years?

04/24/20 Wade Boggs’ love of fishing is almost as great as baseball!

04/27/20 Noted bream expert, Bobby Holmes visits!

04/28/20 Which lures and where, should you look for bream?

04/29/20 Do you have difficulty locating bream after the willow fly hatch?

04/30/20 Here are some ideas for locating bream in the summer!

05/01/20 If your lake has no vegetation, where do you look for bream, in the summer?

05/04/20 Hank Parker and Bobby Murray share some memories!

05/05/20 Hank Parker tells us about his first fishing trip with Bobby Murray!

05/06/20 Hank Parker continues talking about fishing with Bobby Murray!

05/07/20 Bobby Murray learns a fishing lesson the hard way!

05/08/20 Bobby Murray shares fishing lessons!

05/11/20 Ken Sasaki joins Sammy to discuss Yamamato Custom Baits!

05/12/20 How did Gary Yamamato Custom Baits get started?

05/13/20 More history of Gary Yamamato Custom Baits!

05/14/20 What’s the secret formula Gary Yamamato Custom Baits uses?

05/15/20 How long does it take, to get a special Gary Yamamato Custom Bait?

05/18/20 What is a scum frog?

05/19/20 Did you know there are different types of scum frogs?

05/20/20 Sammy tells us about his favorite scum frog!

05/21/20 Which rod and reel works best for the scum frog?

05/22/20 How do you fish a scum frog, to catch the most bass?

05/25/20 A special Memorial Day program!

05/26/20 What are some of the best structure locations?

05/27/20 Do you know how to fish grassbeds properly?

05/28/20 Which lures work best, fishing grassbeds?

05/29/20 What irregular features should you look for, fishing grassbeds?

06/01/20 The “King of Crankbaits” visits!

06/02/20 How did David Fritts win over $2 million, fishing crankbaits?

06/03/20 Can David Fritts tell when a bass swims by his crankbait?

06/04/20 How about a school of bass? Can David tell?

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