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12/06/19 Ricky Van Shelton’s striper trips, on the Stanton River!

12/09/19 Ricky Van Shelton tells us which lures he uses!

12/10/19 Ricky tells us about a Louisiana fishing trip he took!

12/11/19 Has Ricky van Shelton ever caught any big crappie?

12/12/19 How about Ricky’s 4 pound crappie?

12/13/19 ‘Twas the week before Christmas!

12/16/19 Looking for some great Christmas gifts?

12/17/19 Still looking for a gift for your fisherman?

12/18/19 How about some great sunglasses?

12/19/19 Still stuck for a gift? This might help!

12/20/19 How about some “Tight Lines®” gifts?

12/23/19 Need a great holiday recipe?

12/24/19 A special Christmas poem!

12/25/19 Bryan White shares what Christmas means to him!

12/26/19 How do you catch bass in central Florida, this time of year?

12/27/19 Jim Bitter tells us how to catch the biggest bass!

12/30/19 Country music superstar, Bryan White, visits!

12/31/19 Bryan White’s first fly fishing trip!

01/01/20 Bryan White shares his best fishing trip of all time!

01/02/20 Bryan shares his memories of a fishing with his brother!

01/03/20 Bryan White had a trip with Hank Parker!

01/06/20 We learn how to catch bass in deep, clear lakes!

01/07/20 We continue to learn how to fish twin-spins!

01/08/20 Basil Bacon concludes his discussion of twin-spins.

01/09/20 How do we catch bass is Florida, this time of year?

01/10/20 Catching bass in Central Florida, in winter!

01/13/20 Roger Barlow explains what The Catfish Institute is!

01/14/20 Why is what The Catfish Institute does important?

01/15/20 Want a great catfish recipe?

01/16/20 Why should you keep a Log Book?

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