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10/21/21 Do you know how to take care of spinnerbait skirts?
10/22/21 Here’s an app to help your fishing!
10/25/21 Author, Bob Rich introduces his new book “The Right Angle: Tales of a Sporting Life”.
10/26/21 Bob Rich and Sammy share memories of Ted Williams!
10/27/21 What is a Grand Slam?
10/28/21 It’s called a Grander and we find out what it is!
10/29/21 Fishing is a common denominator, among all people!
11/01/21 The inventor of the “flippin” method joins Sammy!
11/02/21 How did Dee Thomas come up with the flippin method?
11/03/21 What’s the best way to catch big bass?
11/04/21 Which type of line is good for flippin?
11/05/21 The father of the flippin method concludes!
11/08/21 Basil Bacon designed the Wake ‘n Bacon!
11/09/21 What are the specifics of the Wake ‘n Bacon?
11/10/21 Which rod & reel, for the Wake ‘n Bacon?
11/11/21 Where do you fish the Wake ‘n Bacon?
11/12/21 How do you fish the Wake ‘n Bacon?
11/15/21 David Meeler tells us how to prepare our motors for winter storage!
11/16/21 Should you use a fuel conditioner?
11/17/21 More winter storage tips for outboards!
11/18/21 Want to catch more bass, this time of year?
11/19/21 The grub is one of the best lures, this time of year! 
11/22/21 How should you store your boat’s batteries, for the winter?
11/23/21 What should you do to have good batteries in the spring?
11/24/21 Do you need a special battery charger?
11/25/21 Sammy has a special thanksgiving program!
11/26/21 What’s coming up in the next few weeks?
11/29/21 Sammy has some great Christmas gift ideas!
11/30/21 What would the angler, on your list, like for Christmas?

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