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12/11/17 Another great Christmas appetizer!

12/12/17 A great Christmas meal that’s easy to make!

12/13/17 Mason Williams tells us about his love of fishing!

12/14/17 Classical Gas composer, Mason Williams, tells us about his love of fishing!

12/15/17 Mason Williams, tells us about a movie he’s written!

12/18/17 One of Sammy’s all-time favorite lures?

12/19/17 Jack Chancellor tells us how to fish a structure spoon correctly!

12/20/17 How important is your rod and reel, when fishing a structure spoon?

12/21/17 Are there things you can do to a structure spoon to make it even better?

12/22/17 T’was the week before Christmas!

12/25/17 Country music star, Bryan White, tells us what Christmas means to him!

12/26/17 The most advanced baits to hit the market!

12/27/17 Sammy revisits a conversation with Dan Seals.

12/28/17 How and why did the late Dan Seals fall in love with fly fishing?

12/29/17 Dan Seals tells us about different flies, for different species!

01/01/18 Do you know how to catch bass in deep, clear lakes?

01/02/18 We continue learning how to fish “twin spins”

01/03/18 Nine time BASS qualifier, Basil Bacon, concludes his visit!

01/04/18 Things you can do this winter, to help your fishing in spring!

01/05/18 Would you like to improve your casting technique?

01/08/18 Light line will help you catch more fish!

01/09/18 Would you like to catch more fish? Here’s how!

01/10/18 What is small, plastic and will catch fish like crazy?

01/11/18 Can you catch fish on a plastic grub?

01/12/18 Can too much fishing cause deafness?

01/15/18 Roger Barlow tells us about The Catfish Institute!

01/16/18 Why is The Catfish Institute important to the U.S. economy?

01/17/18 A great recipe from The Catfish Institute!

01/18/18 What is a Log Book and why should you keep one?

01/19/18 A Log Book is the best way to improve your fishing ability!

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