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08/09/21 Bass legend, Larry Nixon, shares the A to Z of plastic worm fishing!

08/10/21 Why should you fish plastic worms?

08/11/21 Are there different styles of plastic worms?

08/12/21 What’s the best style of plastic worm?

08/13/21 How important is the style of hook, plastic worm fishing?

08/16/21 Is there a correct way to set the hook, worm fishing?

08/17/21 How many ways are there to fish a plastic worm?

08/18/21 Is the size of the weight you use important to fish a plastic worm?

08/19/21 Does the rod and reel you use determine if you’ll catch bass on a plastic worm?

08/20/21 The best plastic worm fisherman concludes his visit!

08/23/21 Can the foods you eat determine if you’ll catch fish?

08/24/21 How many calories do you burn, fishing all day?

08/25/21 Should you be concerned about your onboard meal, while fishing?

08/26/21 Athletes Outdoors provide nutritional meal kits for anglers!

08/27/21 What does Athletes Outdoors do, to provide nutrition for anglers?

08/30/21 Bill Dance tells us where to look for summertime bass!

08/31/21 Where do you look for summertime bass, in small lakes and ponds?

09/01/21 With most small lakes devoid of oxygen, where do you look for bass?

09/02/21 Why is “thin water in”, in the summertime?

09/03/21 A great catfish recipe!

09/06/21 A special Labor Day program!

09/07/21 Casting expert, Stan Fagerstrom, tells us how to improve our casting!

09/08/21 Can you cast your lure exactly where you want?

09/09/21 Here’s some help for casting both kinds of reels!

09/10/21 Stan Fagerstrom helps our casting!

09/13/21 Sammy begins a discussion on Fall night fishing!

09/14/21 Which lures should you use, night fishing in the Fall?

09/15/21 What clothing is best for night fishing?

09/16/21 Porter Wagoner shares night fishing tales!

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