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10/13/20 What’s the fastest, legal, way to catch bass?

10/14/20 How many different structure spoons are there?

10/15/20 What’s the best rod and reel for structure spoons?

10/16/20 Where should you fish structure spoons, to catch more bass?

10/19/20 Crappie expert, Steve McAdams, tells us where to catch them in the Fall!

10/20/20 Which lures should we use, to catch crappie?

10/21/20 Don Iovino tells us about the “split shot” method!

10/22/20 Don Iovino tells us more about fishing the “split shot”!

10/23/20 How will the “split shot” improve your catch?

10/26/20 Fishing legend, Bill Dance, joins Sammy this week!

10/27/20 Bill Dance tells us how he came to wear his T cap!

10/28/20 Would Bill Dance ever give up his T cap?

10/29/20 Bill Dance is known for his practical jokes!

10/30/20 Ever had dinner almost ruined because of a lizard?

11/02/20 Sammy talks about one of America’s favorite sports!

11/03/20 The “Bass Professor” visits, from a few years ago!

11/04/20 Doug Hannon talks about bass behavior!

11/05/20 Doug Hannon tells us how the moon effects every creature on earth!

11/06/20 How does the moon help, or hurt, your fishing?

11/09/20 Basil Bacon discusses his “Wake ‘n Bacon” spinnerbait!

11/10/20 Basil Bacon tells us the details of the “Wake ‘n Bacon” spinnerbait!

11/11/20 What’s the best rod and reel to fish the“Wake ‘n Bacon” spinnerbait?

11/12/20 Basil Bacon continues telling us about his spinnerbait!

11/13/20 How do you fish the “Wake ‘n Bacon”?

11/16/20 Flippin technique developer, Dee Thomas, joins Sammy!

11/17/20 How did Dee Thomas come up with the flippin method?

11/18/20 What’s the best way to catch big bass?

11/19/20 Dee Thomas tells us the best rig for Flippin!

11/20/20 The “Father of Flippin’” concludes his visit!

11/23/20 Hank Parker stops by to talk spinnerbaits!

11/24/20 How do you use spinnerbaits, to catch more bass?

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