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10/25/22 What are torsion axle brakes? Are torsion axle brakes easy to repair?

10/26/22 Larry Nixon has some help for young anglers!

10/27/22 Larry Nixon has some help for young anglers!

10/28/22 How can you prepare for a career as a pro?

10/31/22 Did you know Dee Thomas invented “flippin”?

11/01/22 How did Dee Thomas come up with this method?

11/02/22 What’s the best way to catch big bass?

11/03/22 Which type of line does Dee use to “flip”?

11/04/22 The father of “flippin” concludes his visit!

11/07/22 Basil Bacon tells us about a spinnerbait he’s designed!

11/08/22 What is a Wake ‘n Bacon spinnerbait?

11/09/22 What gear do you need, to fish the Wake ‘n Bacon?

11/10/22 Where should you fish the Wake ‘n Bacon?

11/11/22 Is there a correct way to fish the Wake ‘n Bacon?

11/14/22 How should you prepare your outboard for winter storage?

11/15/22 Should you use a fuel condition?

11/16/22 More winter storage tips!

11/17/22 Want to catch more bass, this time of year?

11/18/22 One of the best lures, this time of year?

11/21/22 How should you store marine batteries for winter?

11/22/22 What can you do, to make sure your marine batteries are ready for spring?

11/23/22 Do you need a special battery charger?

11/24/22 A special Thanksgiving program!

11/25/22 What’s coming up on Tight Lines®?

11/28/22 Need some gift ideas?

11/29/22 More gift ideas for your angler!

11/30/22 Have you thought about a rod and reel?

12/01/22 Need a Christmas gift idea?

12/02/22 How about a holiday recipe?

12/05/22 One of Sammy’s favorite lures, this time of year?

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