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05/08/24 Need a great catfish recipe?

05/09/24 FishMate & HuntMate are available!

05/10/24 What’s coming up in the next few weeks?

05/13/24 Charlie Campbell discusses the Zara Spook!

05/14/24 Why does the Zara Spook catch such big fish?

05/15/24 Is there a special rig, for the Zara Spook?

05/16/24 What’s the best way to fish the Zara Spook?

05/17/24 Charlie Campbell concludes his discussion of the Zara Spook topwater lure!

05/20/24 Do you know the different products offered by UFP?

05/21/24 Unique Functional Products makes everything you need, for your trailer!

05/22/24 Do you need brakes on your trailer?

05/23/24 How many types of trailer suspensions are there?

05/24/24 Ever done a trailer walk-around?

05/27/24 A special Memorial Day program!

05/28/24 Grass beds are great fishing locations!

05/29/24 Do you know how to fish grass beds?

05/30/24 What’s the best grass bed lure?

06/03/24 How do you fish tidal flow rivers?

06/04/24 Does lure size effect fishing tidal flow rivers?

06/05/24 Lure size effects the size of fish, in tidal flow rivers!

06/06/24 Do you need to go great distances to catch bass?

06/07/24 More of Hank’s thoughts, traveling great distances to catch bass!

06/10/24 Former BASS Angler of the Year, Aaron Martens, visits!

06/11/24 How did Aaron learn the Drop Shot method?

06/12/24 Is there a special rod and reel for the Drop Shot?

06/13/24 Is there a special hook for the Drop Shot?

06/14/24 Did you know there’s a special knot, for the Drop Shot?

06/17/24 Aaron Martens continues telling us about the Drop Shot!

06/18/24 Which weights should you use?

06/19/24 Does the Drop Shot use a special worm?

06/20/24 There’s a special way to rig the worm, for the Drop Shot!