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04/18/22 Do you hate tax day?

04/19/22 How many ways can you hear Tight Lines®?

04/20/22 What is one of Sammy’s favorite lures?

04/21/22 Did you know spinnerbaits have different zones?

04/22/22 Tips to help your spinnerbait abilities!

04/25/22 When did Randy Howell have his best, ever, fishing day?

04/26/22 Sometimes losing can help a lot!

04/26/22 Does Randy Howell have a secret weapon?

04/27/22 What worried Randy Howell, the final day weigh in?

04/29/22 Did Randy Howell have any inspiration for the final day of the BASS Masters Classic?

05/02/22 Bug Band owner, Dan Ritter, visits.

05/03/22 How harmful is DEET?

05/04/22 What is the deet free, all natural component of Bug Band?

05/05/22 What other products does Bug Band make?

05/06/22 A common problem for the outdoors? Ticks!

05/09/22 Sammy shares memories with Merle Haggard!

05/10/22 Merle Haggard tells us about his biggest smallmouth!

05/11/22 How often did Merle get to fish, while touring?

05/12/22 Merle Haggard shares a fishing tale!

05/13/22 Merle Haggard concludes his visit!

05/16/22 Do you hate to fish in the wind?

05/17/22 Did you know that the wind is your friend?

05/18/22 BASS Classic champ, Rick Clunn, talks crankbaits!

05/19/22 There are important things to know about crankbaits!

05/20/22 How important is your rod, fishing crankbaits?

05/23/22 The reel you use is almost as important as the lure!

05/24/22 Can the proper line help your crankbait fishing?

05/25/22 Which shape crankbait is best?

05/26/22 Which style crankbait does Rick Clunn prefer?

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