As a Manager, with the "bottom line" constantly in view, don't be deceived into thinking that only fishing-related companies can sponsor Tight Lines with Sammy Lee. The truth of the matter is that industries, outside of the fishing-related industry, actually make up a greater percentage of the multi-millions than you would think. Consider this: if you fish, along with having a boat and tackle, you NEED to have:

  1. Bullet    Insurance (fire, theft, or accident)

  2. Bullet    Financial Services (loans, etc.)

  3. Bullet    Motor oil (for both boat and vehicle)

  4. Bullet    Transportation (car, truck, RV)

  5. Bullet    Sporting Goods stores (Wal*Mart and the like, for cost-cutting lures, etc.)

  6. Bullet    Early morning eateries (diners, for that cup of coffee, or breakfast, before a day on the lake)

  7. Bullet    Package Stores (for your favorite beverage after a hard day chasing your dream fish)

  8. Bullet    Supermarkets (to provision the boat for lunch)

  9. Bullet    Outdoor clothing (it gets really cold in the winter)

  10. Bullet    Tires (the vehicles have to ride on something!)

  11. Bullet    Ice (for keeping fish fresh and essential for the cooler - try your local convenience market)

Then, try your obvious sponsors but, bear in mind that a lot of them think they can't advertise in the cooler months: Marinas; tackle stores, etc. For some reason, they think that the people who fish only think about it when the weather's fine, not all year round (as they do) and that, geographically, many millions can take part in their favorite sport all year long (and do!).   


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